The foundation’s primary lines of work are the following:

Scientific and Technical Consultancy and Support for the Work Program for Protected Areas Promoted by EUROPARC-Spain

In compliance with its mission to support protected areas, the Foundation advises and, where appropriate, develops scientific and technical projects, preferably those interesting for its pioneering approach, for requiring innovative methodological developments or for its pilot project nature. Projects and experiences, in short, with demonstrative value and that can then be used in different contexts. This line is mainly developed in collaboration with the network of protected areas linked to EUROPARC-Spain. Through its Technical Office, EUROPARC-Spain has prepared, as a reference document, the Society and Protected Areas 2020 Program.

Training for new Conservation Challenges

The management of protected areas is a complex task that requires professionals who are highly qualified and capable of understanding the dynamics of complex systems and the interactions between natural and social environments. To meet the objective of promoting the professionalization and qualification of professionals in protected areas, the foundation promotes and conveys various training activities from short initiation and specialization courses to the master’s program in Protected Natural Spaces, all in close collaboration with EUROPARC-Spain.

Scientific Dissemination and Communication

The Foundation is open to society as a whole and dedicates a part of its work to the dissemination, dissemination, and communication of both its own activity and the scientific and social issues that have to do with its foundational objectives. To do so, it works in informative formats accessible to all interested public and in other more technical ones which are aimed at specialized sectors through conferences, publications, and web pages. A central part of this work is, of course, addressed to the professional collective of the management and conservation of natural spaces, with which congresses, technical meetings, manuals and more advanced and specialized digital information resources are jointly organized.

The Legacy of Fernando González Bernáldez

With the goal of sharing the figure and legacy of Fernando González Bernáldez, and thus contributing to the exchange and dissemination of information on ecological research, nature conservation and sustainability, the foundation promotes meetings, seminars, conferences and publications, seeking promote dialogue between scientific, professional and citizen fields. A special series of lectures known as the Fernando González Bernáldez Lessons distinguishes figures who have stood out from this point of view because of their trajectory.

International Cooperation

The Foundation promotes international collaboration for nature conservation, the development of protected areas, and sustainability. And for this it works in training programs, exchanges, and international projects. Within the specific scope of EUROPARC-Spain, one of the strategic objectives is to contribute to the development of EUROPARC as a pan-European federation, actively participating in international congresses and in European and cooperation projects with Latin America, as well as in the signing of agreements Collaboration framework In addition, there is a line of work oriented preferentially, but not exclusively, to Latin American countries, both in terms of technical cooperation and development cooperation.